Owner/Contractor First Meeting:

The pre-construction process is of equal importance to the actual construction for a quality finished product.  This process results in the definition of the product- i.e. specifications and plans, establishment of budget and execution of the contract.

The first meeting is a process of gathering information and building rapport.  We will establish:

  • demographic information
  • type of project
  • time schedule for desired completion
  • budget
  • financial assistance

Design Phase:

The design phase consists of meetings where we develop plans and specifications to prepare a final cost estimate.  This is accomplished through these steps:

  • Product Definition: We determine your needs, wishes and preferences, and then establish the criteria necessary to develop a design.  This includes: desired square footage and features as well as ideas and information- in the form of pictures, etc.- for the exterior and interior designs.

  • First Preliminary: We will present you with an initial design plan scheme based on the product definition.  This is the first draft of our design solution that we use to establish a starting point.  We will review and discuss any changes to make.

  • Second Preliminary: We will refine the first preliminary plans until you are satisfied that the design criteria have been met.  We will coach you as the process proceeds concerning aesthetics, costs, do and don'ts, impact on resale, etc.  Upon completion of this step, we will present you with a floor plan and front elevation.  We will also compare materials selections to establish a cost estimate.

  • Rough Cost Estimate: This is only an approximate estimate to ensure the project is not out of your budget.  It will indicate additional design work and an adjustment of expectations.  It also prevents costly changes to final construction drawings after the presentation of the final estimate.

  • Final Plans: This step includes the development of all of the final working drawings and specifications for your new home.  There are many decisions to make at this time in reference to plumbing, fixtures, cabinets, appliances, allowances, lighting, finishes, etc. to be incorporated into the final drawings.

  • Construction Estimate: We provide you with a written statement of cost of bid for the work we outlined in the drawing and specifications.  We will give you a copy of the estimate broken down into broad categories for your review. 

  • Contract Document: No document is more to our relationship than the contract and its related documents (plans, specifications, allowances schedule and draw schedule).  We will present you with a standard contract.


Now the actual construction begins.  The days of dreaming, conceptualizing and drawing are now reality.  Here, we strengthen our rapport and maintain the a hihg level of communication.  We prepare helpful information to keep you up to date on the construction process to follow:

Material Selection Schedule:

This outlines the decision process so you can make timely decisions, help us to maintain the construction schedule and establish guidelines and expectations required of you.  It outlines the types of selections that need to be made and the time frame/deadline to do so.

Construction Progress Schedule:

Here, we outline the type of work to performed and the time budgeted to complete the work.  It serves as a constant reminder of where we are at any time during the construction process and keeps you informed of the status of your project.

Allowance Schedule: 

A list of all of the allowances and how they are calculated.  This is you when working with suppliers for finishes and fixtures for your new home.

Suggestion List: 

We will provide you with our recommended vendors/suppliers for lighting, appliances, flooring, wallpaper, countertops, tile, brick, plumbing, etc.

We also present at closing a homeowner's manual containing information on items such as appliances, whirlpool tubs, sewer plants, etc.  This will contain information provided by manufacturers as to the care of your newly installed products.  We provide samples of wallpaper and paint colors used with pertinent information.  A list of subcontractors and major suppliers with contact information is also provided.

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